Monday, March 29, 2010

Here's the List

 Mission-Haiti Kids Sponsored to date:

1. August Laquerre-Bernadine
2. Milian Fenel - Gov.
3. Estenvil Bienel-Toussaint
4. Alabre Gaelle-Jabouin
5. Charles Monika-Gov.
6. Desir Davens-Gov.
7. Duliepre Jurardin- Jabouin
8. Lazaire Edlyn-Episcopal
9. Percy Miyranika- Episcopal
10 Orgella Nikenson- Jabouin
11. Filogene Manouchecha - Jabouin
12. Milian Cherly -Gov.
These are the names and schools of the 12 kids Rough Lumber Ministry is sponsoring this year. If anyone would like to write to them, you write their last name first, and then their first name last.  So, for example.  Oberline Limite would actually look like Limite Oberline if you wrote a letter.
You can drop any of the letters or supplies or gifts off at Dan Elliott Photography,  or mail them to:

Dan Elliott Photography
704 s 8th Ave
Brandon, SD 57005


2 more!

Just got 2 more kids sponsored thanks to your donations! Anybody else?  I could do this all day long.

The Kids YOU helped to Sponsor in Haiti!

ou came to listen to some music, to see what might happen.  Here's the fruit.  These 10 kids are now sponsored through Mission-Haiti. Yes, even the only little boy who thought my camera was going to cause his demise, Nikenson.
Want to sponsor more?  It's only $50/year for the little kids, $100/year for the high schoolers.  That's a couple of nights on the town to you.  It's school and a guaranteed meal every day for a year to one of these kids.  If you were there at the show and you put money in the bucket, this is the result.  Print this page out and put these kids on your refrigerator door.  Think about them this year, they need your prayers and the hope within you. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ode to Youth (Psalm 42) -

In March I left for Haiti, thinking the guys would be rehearsing our music for the Firehouse, but instead when I came back they wanted to me to hear a song that our drummer David had written for a young girl going through a rough spot in her life, and things were desperate.

Right away I thought it wouldn't be ready to put into our playlist for the show and was ready to put it aside, but the moment I heard it, I knew immediately that the Lord had a message for someone in the words and the music.
When we played the song at the show, a youth leader came up to David and told him that during the song he'd been thinking about a specific girl that had come to his youth group.

It was the same girl.

The song was written for her, it's purpose for existing is because of her, and yet while I was going through the images from Haiti, I realized that this song speaks on many levels. It is a call to the desperate.  Haiti is a desperate place.

Psalm 42 really gives us the same message.  When we're down, when we're broken, we need only to remember the size of our God.  To remember the things He's done for us in our life.  He's always with us.  He's there for us, and He cares.  He always keeps His promises.

You can see the images from Haiti while listening to the song by clicking here:

Here are the Lyrics to the song, written by David Christensen

Ode To Youth

It feels like your heart's broken,
you know he can see you're hurtin'.
You're surrounded by darkness,
and no one seems to care.
Don't worry about tomorrow,
God's already there.

I know you want to give up,
There's got to be a better way.
Where are you friends when you need them?
When it seems there's no one to count on,
you can call on Jesus.
He's just a prayer away.

When you're hurt and scared
and all seems lost,
remember the One who died on the cross for you,
the Lord's light shining through.

When you're hurt and scared
and all seems lost,
remember the One who died on the cross for you,
the Lord's light shining through.

When it's more than you can handle...
The world's so big and you're so small...
Your heart is filled with questions...
and the future looks so dim...
Jesus is your answer.
Find your strength in Him.

When you're hurt and scared
and all seems lost,
remember the One who died on the cross for you,
the Lord's light shining through.

When you're hurt and scared
and all seems lost,
remember the One who died on the cross for you,
the Lord's light shining through.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Benefit Update

Thanks for coming out tonight everyone! We had an awesome time with you all! All totaled, we raised $503 for Mission-Haiti thanks to your donations. Praise God for your compassion. 10 kids will be sponsored for 1 full year. That's clothes, school, education, food, a backpack and shoes, for 10 children, all year long.  Thank you for your compassion for this ministry.  God smiles on your gift.

Come out Tonight to Support Mission-Haiti

Tonight at 8pm, at the Firehouse Underground in Sioux Falls my band will be putting on a benefit for Mission-Haiti.

Please come prepared to support this amazing ministry. I was in Haiti last week with these people, and I can attest to the fact that your support and aid gets directly to the people of Haiti that need it. There is no red tape, no politics, and no hands dipping into the pot. We physically carried the suitcases full of food, clothes, backpacks and shoes directly to the people in the villages. Hundreds of children, boys and girls, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, were blessed. I personally witnessed these people receiving these gifts. I saw the joy that it brought. It made a real difference. After tonight, after the media cameras have all but packed up and gone home, moved on to the next big story, you can still be part of the solution to this great need.