Monday, July 11, 2011

Whatever it Takes

A friend of mine asked me to put a song together with clips from Passion of the Christ for a sermon he would give.  
It was a song by Pillar, a very hard-edged, blood-curdling kind of sound, and not at all the kind of music I'd normally lend my ear to.  I could already hear my dad saying, "Son, that is not music, that's just noise." 
But it was a way of serving Him, and so I accepted the challenge of putting the torture and sacrifice of my Savior in the company of music that if I heard it on the radio, I couldn't flip the dial quick enough.

What I realized as I waded into the work was that there would be no better way to describe the resolve of what Jesus chose to do, the pain He accepted on our behalf.  It was not a pretty song.  There was nothing harmonic about what He did for us.  It was a split from anything right in this world.  The terrorism that He and those around Him experienced was beyond sanity as they entered into the realm of a crazed mob, frothing at the mouth for the ultimate destruction of His life... and this song told that story.  It put to music the raw reality of anguish, the resolve, the harshness, the barbaric chords of what Christ endured for us.  
This, my friends, is what I feel we should be shouting from the rooftops, instead of rationalizing a comfortable way of life.  Anything we do in His service, whether it makes sense in the eyes of man or not, right down to selling everything we own and moving to a foreign land to share His story... it's worth it.  
He is worth it.  Watch this video, and ask yourself if you'd rather listen to a lullaby.

Music: Pillar. Whatever it Takes
Video: Passion of the Christ

Friday, July 8, 2011


It would seem Rough Lumber Ministry was only meant for a season.
Leo, our Lead guitar, left the band and is studying to become an I.T. guy.
Jeremy, our Bass, took a job in another town, and is now studying to become a pastor.
My family and I are moving to Haiti to bring bibles and start discipleship there.
And David, our drummer and most committed member of the band, still carries on this ministry.  He holds the equipment and is fully equipped himself, to deliver the message of Jesus Christ to ears that want to hear.

My last contribution, sung like an old Irish ballad, a guitar giving charge, ADA EDA, because I believe in stupid simple:

"I will win the fight for me.
I will see the victory.
In the fog of war, when I can't see,
my Master's eyes watch over me.

I know who will win this war,
Jesus Christ, the Lord of Lords!"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Decisions Today

Today there is a board meeting to discuss funding my family to go to Haiti.
Today there is discussion about purchasing or leasing my studio.
Today doors will open or close, and all for the Glory of God.

I can see the pieces of the puzzle.  I see them on the table, and when they snap together, it's going to be a beautiful masterpiece. What a privilege to be a part of something that holds eternal value.

Ephesians 2:10.... holds a deeper meaning for me today.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Inside the Question Mark: 2 Guys and a Bible

We were asked to lead worship for the dedication the new church at the Mcrossans Boys ranch last night.  Jeremy was home sick, literally couldn't get out of bed, and Leo busted a water pipe in his kitchen right before we were supposed to leave.  It was down to just Dave and I, 2 guys and a bible.
Go figure.

I brought a pan just in case I might need to throw up myself because my stomach was churning, and I new David wouldn't back down for a second.  That guy would bang on those electric drums even if the power gave out. No matter what, we were going.

Just before the service began we skipped downstairs and walked into the john to pick some guitar and do the most important thing we could do....give it to the Lord.

Before then, I literally was so scrambled I couldn't even remember the words to the songs I'd written, how ridiculous is that?   But after.... wow.  After!

As we were standing up to start the set Dave grabbed my arm and said, "Now remember, God did not give us a spirit of timidity!"

Everything went perfectly and God was glorified.

It reminded me of something I'd written earlier in the morning:
When accepting God's call, be prepared to live inside the question mark, in trust, in faith, in the purest of obedience.  Though tomorrow and the next second may be a question mark (?), yesterday and today will become an exclamation point (!)  Never take your eyes off of Heaven.

How long do you expect to live?!

Notice the new purpose of that question mark, then the exclamation point, at the end of that statement?
In Proverbs 3:5-6 it says to trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

When God comes first, that crooked, uncertain question mark becomes the straight-arrow Ah-Ha of an exclamation point, amen?

Here's the news story on the dedication:
Mcrossans church dedication

Friday, July 23, 2010

Rough Lumber Music Now Available

Our band now has all of our music available free for download.

Hope you enjoy and share it.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rough Lumber at the Living Springs Church Tonight

Just a quick note.  Tonight our band will be playing in the field at Living Springs Church in Brandon, SD after 6pm.
Bring your friends, bring your kids, eat some food, listen to some music and come home with a message, all for free.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Jesus Loves You

Jesus Loves You

Jesus love you, this I know
the bible tells you so
Little one, to Him you belong
When you're weak, He is strong!

Yes, Jesus loves you,
Yes, Jesus loves you,
Yes, Jesus loves you,
the bible tells you so. oh, oh
The bible tells you so.

Down in Haiti in another world,
top of the mountain met a little girl.
A ti fi named Oberlene
held my hand and walked with me.

Skippin along the jagged rocks.
She didn't have shoes, didn't have socks.
Just her bare feet with nothin' to lose,
But Oberlene's heard the good news.

Yes, Jesus loves you,
Yes, Jesus loves you,
Yes, Jesus loves you,
the bible tells you so. oh, oh
The bible tells you so.

How big is our God?
How big is our God?
He can reach all the way down here.
He can wipe away your tears.

Now there's a girl named Rose
She's doin' the best she knows
from the other side of the wall
Rose has still seen it all.
She sees the misery.
She sees the greatest needs.
She knows just what do
Praise the Lord, oh He Loves you.

He doesn't live far away.
He can hear everything you say.
He's right here, in this day.
He can feel all your pain.

Yes Jesus loves you
Jesus loves you.
Yes Jesus loves you
The bible tells her so.

How big is our God?
How big is our God?
He can reach all the way down here.
He can wipe away your tears.

Yes Jesus loves you
Jesus loves you.
Yes Jesus loves you
The bible tells you so.

 ~Dan Elliott 6.18.10