Monday, March 29, 2010

Here's the List

 Mission-Haiti Kids Sponsored to date:

1. August Laquerre-Bernadine
2. Milian Fenel - Gov.
3. Estenvil Bienel-Toussaint
4. Alabre Gaelle-Jabouin
5. Charles Monika-Gov.
6. Desir Davens-Gov.
7. Duliepre Jurardin- Jabouin
8. Lazaire Edlyn-Episcopal
9. Percy Miyranika- Episcopal
10 Orgella Nikenson- Jabouin
11. Filogene Manouchecha - Jabouin
12. Milian Cherly -Gov.
These are the names and schools of the 12 kids Rough Lumber Ministry is sponsoring this year. If anyone would like to write to them, you write their last name first, and then their first name last.  So, for example.  Oberline Limite would actually look like Limite Oberline if you wrote a letter.
You can drop any of the letters or supplies or gifts off at Dan Elliott Photography,  or mail them to:

Dan Elliott Photography
704 s 8th Ave
Brandon, SD 57005


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