Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Gift For You

We realize that we're a busy people. Since you helped to sponsor 12 kids in Haiti a month ago, it would be very easy to forget about them if you didn't have something to remember them by. For that reason, we have a gift for you.
If you gave money to help out at the benefit in March, please click on the image below. Then right click to save to your desktop. It's yours.

You can do with the image as you please. Print it, use it as a background on your computer, put it on the fridge, stick it in your bible. Wherever you like, so that you don't forget.   Thank You for your support.  Every one of these kids would sing you a song if they met you in person...except maybe Orgella. :) When I took his picture he thought my camera was somehow going to cause his demise.  Someday, if we keep supporting him, maybe he'll understand.  Maybe one of you will meet him, and be able to shake his hand, and maybe he'll be smiling then....

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