Friday, July 8, 2011


It would seem Rough Lumber Ministry was only meant for a season.
Leo, our Lead guitar, left the band and is studying to become an I.T. guy.
Jeremy, our Bass, took a job in another town, and is now studying to become a pastor.
My family and I are moving to Haiti to bring bibles and start discipleship there.
And David, our drummer and most committed member of the band, still carries on this ministry.  He holds the equipment and is fully equipped himself, to deliver the message of Jesus Christ to ears that want to hear.

My last contribution, sung like an old Irish ballad, a guitar giving charge, ADA EDA, because I believe in stupid simple:

"I will win the fight for me.
I will see the victory.
In the fog of war, when I can't see,
my Master's eyes watch over me.

I know who will win this war,
Jesus Christ, the Lord of Lords!"

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  1. Good luck to you all as you start your next journey! It was wonderful while it lasted. I am so glad I got to hear you guys play.

    Leo's mom, Susan