Monday, November 9, 2009

The Battle Song

We just put up another song last night, called The Battle Song. We don't have a million dollar sound studio folks, and we're still on a learning curve with the equipment we have, but we'll get there. For example, I can't hear what I'm singing. It's like singing in the shower with earplugs in...silly? I don't care if I have to take some kind of night school to learn about mixing.
It was the first song I've ever written that actually ministered right back to me. I always look at a song after it's finished and think to myself, who is this for? The answer came back...It's for you.
It's based on the words that Moses wrote in Exodus 15:3. Just after they'd crossed the Red Sea, and the world's most equipped, elite army was right on their heels, they turned to wait on God. Can you imagine the awe that they felt the moment God let the waters wash over their pursuers, and in a breath, their enemy was defeated? One moment, they stood facing their utter destruction, and the next, they were free. Truly free. The bible says they sat down and wrote a song, and in that song were the words, "The Lord is a warrior! The Lord is His Name!"
Do you think they whispered those words, or do you think they shouted them with all their might, just realizing how mighty and powerful their God was? Do you realize, Christian, that He's the same yesterday, today and tomorrow? That your God is that same God?
The chorus is based on Ephesians 6:13. Paul tells us that we need to put on our armor because we are in a daily battle for our souls. Sometimes we leave our armor sitting on the nightstand, and forget to put it on. Our sword, which is the word of God, the bible, just sits in the corner collecting dust. We wonder why we are losing the battle. This song then, is a reminder, a call to the battle, to men, to stand up and take back the fight.

Here are the words:

This song is callin'
all the mighty men who have fallen down.....Fallen Down
Your families need you
to pick yourselves up off the ground......Off the Ground.
The devil told you that you had to crawl
That's not the truth at all.....

are a child of God.

are a child of God........ A Child of God.

Wake up. Stand up.
Back in the Saddle.
Pick your sword up son.
Get back in the Battle.
Get your armor on.
Get it down tight.
It's your battle song.
Take back the fight.
The Lord is a Warrior.
The Lord is His name.

It all sounds so easy.
All sounds so sweet. But life is hard and talk is cheap.
The Day will come.
Your heart won't beat. Nothin' left to sow now, just to reap.
The devil stands there laughin', cause he made you crawl
when you never had to crawl at all.

are a child of God.

are a child of God........ A Child of God.


The Lord is a Warrior

The Lord is His name.

(Exodus 15:3, Ephesians 6:13, 1 John 5:19, Ephesians 5:14)

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